GenZe 2.0 Blue


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1 x GenZe 2.0 Blue   +$2,999.00
1 x Prep   +$115.00
The 100% electric GenZe 2.0 carries all your gear, delivers first-from-the-line pickup, and rides like no other.

Removable battery - Recharge on the Go
Snap your battery in and out for easy charging and security. Plug it into any standard outlet for a boost on the fly.

Back bay storage - Bigger is Better
Handle any errand or adventure with the biggest trunk you’ve ever seen on 2 wheels. 3 bags of groceries? Work stuff and gym gear? Bring it on.  

Exoskeleton - Strong and Sleek
The minimalistic cast-aluminum frame is lighter, performs better, and lasts longer than steel.

Adjustable Seat - Ride High or Low
Find your stance with dual-position seating. Ride high to see over traffic. Ride low to cruise and relax.   

The GenZe App is Your Perfect Companion For The Road Ahead.
Manage your ride from the palm of your hand.

Route Planning
Plug in your destination, and our connected app reveals all available routes friendly to a 30mph speed. The app also measures your battery charge relative to each route option to give you peace of mind that you can make your meeting.  

Weather Integration
If you’re worried about a storm coming in or riding in the rain, our integrated weather feature will set your mind at ease. Enter your location and destination, and our connected platform will let you know if you’re in the clear.

Safety Alerts 
If you hit a bump in the road, you can set alerts to notify both your ICE contact, and a GenZe Roadside Expert. Our Roadside Assistance team can run remote diagnostics and get you up and running quickly and safely. Power Port Device Charging

Charge Your Phone While You Ride
You’re always looking for a place to plug in. Charge your phone or tablet in our secure, under-seat USB port.

Control Center
The 7-inch Cruise-Connect™ touchscreen display shows your speed, range and charge level, and lets you customize the ride to fit your needs. Whether you need more speed or want to go farther, the Cruise-Connect™ offers 3 riding modes, including a setting for those first learning to ride.  

Engineered Excellence - Where form meets function.

Switch & Go System
No keys needed! Unlock your GenZe 2.0 like you’d unlock your phone. Simply enter your 4-digit pin code, twist the throttle, and start your journey.

Engineered Throttle
Smooth sailing! The predictable throttle control ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

LED Lighting
See and be seen! Energy-conserving LED lighting offers you optimal visibility, and makes sure others see you on the road.

Removable Battery
Recharge anywhere! Our SmartPack Removable Battery plugs into any outlet, so you can plug in at home, work, or your local coffee shop.

Regenerative Braking
Power on the go! The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes absorb braking energy to charge the battery while you ride.

Large Front Wheel
Keep your balance! Our larger front wheel provides better stability at low speeds, and keeps you steady if you encounter any obstructions or unsmooth surfaces.

GenZe 2.0 Features
We know you have options on how to get around. But on a GenZe, you can pair utility with adventure, and efficiency with a whole lot of fun.

Eco-Friendly No gas, no harmful emissions. The GenZe 2.0 was designed to balance low environmental impact, with power and usability. Doing your part doesn’t always come with a price/trade-off.

Back Bay Specs
The GenZe 2.0 can store A LOT! Leave yours open for more vertical cargo, or customize it with an array of accessories for all types of gadgets and gear. To give you an idea of how much you can store, check out our Count Challenge results.

Power You Can Bank On
1.6kwH - Removable Lithium Ion Battery 110V - Plugs into any standard outlet 3.5 hrs - Charges from 0%-100%  

How the Power Works
The Removable Lithium Ion Battery Pack plugs into the Power Control Module (PCM), which controls circuitry to power the drive motor, lights, and back charging port. It also powers a front battery that controls the display.

Designed for Your Life
Smart, practical, easy, and exhilarating. We thought of everything.

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