e101 Sport

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Raise The Bar
GenZe electric bikes offer 3 riding modes: throttle (no pedaling), pedal assist (to give you a boost), and analog (you do the work). The Sport e-bike has is built for those whole like a higher bar and a standard seat. It’s available in your choice of 3 sizes.

Find Your Fit
GenZe e-bikes come in 3 sizes to fit every frame. Height is usually the best gauge of size, but we also recommend comparing your inseam to the standover height if you’re considering the Sport Model.

16” 5’-5’7”
18” 5’8”-6’
20” 6’+

Twist & Go - Take it Full Throttle
GenZe e-bikes have both a throttle AND pedal-assist option. Simply twist the right handlebar to activate the throttle, and breeze forward at 20 miles an hour without pedaling at all.

Motor Options - Control Your Boost
GenZe e-bikes are available with 250 or 350-watt motors. The 350-watt motor option enhances uphill torque and acceleration, with less effort.

Removable Battery - Juice Up Anywhere
Snap the battery in and out for easy charging and security. Plug it into any standard outlet for a boost on the fly.

Electric Life

Public Transit-Friendly - Bring it on board
GenZe e-bikes are public transit-friendly, making your trip from home or work to the station smooth and hassle-free.

Bike Lane-Friendly - Discover new routes
With 208 miles of bike lanes in SF, and 319 in Portland, biking around town has never been easier. Find secret spots, hidden routes, and a faster way home on a GenZe e-bike.

Walk-Mode - Walk Upstairs with Ease
GenZe e-bikes offer a convenient “walk-mode” for maneuvering up stairs and steep inclines. When activated, your e-bike will move at a slow and steady pace, keeping you sweat-free. Stairs have never felt so flat.

Bike Security - Lock It, Unload It
Use a high quality U-lock, and lock the frame and front wheel to the rack. Take your e-bike battery with you to charge on the go, and provide added security.

Technical Specs

What makes us tick?
• Top Speed: 20 mph on throttle mode
• Weight: 46 lbs
• Wheels: 26'' x 1.75''
• Motor: 360 V 250 W brushless rear hub
• Derailleur: 7 speed shimano
• Battery: 36V 8.7 ah li-ion

Stay Balanced
The integrated battery and balanced frame offers excellent weight distribution. And our rear hub motor gives you a boost from behind, instead of pulling you forward. 

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